Parking Guide for Toyota Music Factory

This location uses pre-authorization for payment. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Daily Parking

(Non-Event days)

Daily Parking

Daily parking is easy at the Toyota Music Factory Garage, follow the steps below:

Please wait for the system to recognize your vehicle.

You must have a smartphone to enter.

Please drive in and park. You will receive a text message with a link to your parking session. Please click that link to view your parking session, and enter payment information.

If you are visiting the restaurant or bar, ask the staff for a validation code to receive the 1st 3-hours of parking free.

If you stay longer, you will need to enter your payment information prior to exiting. Please look for the TXT Message or rescan the QR Code.

Please make sure you have clicked the link in the text message and input your payment or validation information prior to approaching exit. Once payment info is entered, approach gate. Scan QR or Text gate code to exit.

There is no kiosk at exit, No place for a customer to scan credit card.

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